Secure Bank

Cyber Security Intelligence

Secure Bank

Innovative protection for online payments.
Get the most out of your antifraud systems and instantly protect all of your clients
  • No installation on client devices or upgrades of your IT infrastructure required
  • Identification of fraud preparation and attempted execution
  • Detection of new attacks and fraud schemes
  • User-friendly web interface with insights into incidents
  • API for integration with fraud monitoring systems
  • Analytical support and consulting by AADI specialists
  • Secure Bank controls risks related to the weakest link in the online payment security chain - your clients.

Secure Bank detects fraud preparation and execution without installing any software on client devices by identifying following threats

  • Malicious injections in an online banking system
  • Phishing attacks, social engineering attacks
  • Unsanctioned remote connection to a consumer’s device to conduct transactions on his/her behalf
  • Malicious code to conduct automatic payment or substitute account details on consumer devices
  • New versions of malicious software and intrusions through zero-day vulnerabilities
How Secure Bank works
  • Secure Bank runs seamlessly together with internet banking pages without any involvement from the customer. The script functions unnoticeable to the customer without slowing down page loading speed.
  • Secure Bank monitors any injection attempts on internet banking pages and for other signatures of malicious activity on the client’s device.
  • The collected information is transmitted via the bank’s IT systems to Secure Bank. Customer’s personal data and other sensitive banking information is never transmitted.
  • To correlate and classify the data obtained, AADI uses accumulated and daily updated information on the activities of fraudsters around the world.
  • If fraud against bank customers is detected, AADI immediately informs the bank to prevent the theft. The API can be used for direct integration with fraud monitoring systems and with other bank IT infrastructure including notifications and established response procedures in real time.

Secure Bank benefits
Injections in an online banking system
Remote connection
Phishing / Pharming
Automated e-banking manipulations

How Secure Bank ensures online banking safety
  • Secure Bank mitigates online banking risks for your customers, running alongside existing IT systems. No need to have it installed on your customers’ devices. The script does not slow down the operation of your website.
  • Secure Bank takes a proactive stand to ensure fraud prevention and detection, screening operations for any sign of malicious activities.
  • Collected information goes from your bank’s IT systems to Secure Bank. No personal data are collected, transmitted or stored.
  • Experts are up-to-date with the latest Cyber threats to the banking industry in order to properly break down and rate the collected data.
  • Secure Bank sends immediate notifications of online fraud or suspicious e banking transactions, allowing you to offset their consequences. Secure Bank can be integrated with your organization’s anti-fraud software and existing IT infrastructure to ensure an even faster response to online banking frauds.