Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services


Security Assessment
  • AADI’s vast array of experience auditing large portals, banking and industrial systems demonstrates that security existing only “on paper” leads to extreme vulnerability to real-life threats.
  • We do not trust “paper security” and carefully analyze the true level of protection of your business. Our experts with deep knowledge of advanced Cyber crime techniques can see your system vulnerabilities through a ‘hacker’s eyes’.
  • Our audit produces concrete and actionable results – we provide you with an objective vulnerability analysis and reasonable recommendations on information security protection.
  • Taking a standardized “check-the-box” approach to corporate security opens the window to criminals to control your most critical systems while being undetected for months targeting your financial stability and sensitive data.
Solid experience
  • Our company’s experts are involved in more than 80% of high-profile investigations in the field of high-tech Cybercrimes. AADI auditors learn about threats targeting our clients at first hand.
  • We understand which vulnerabilities criminals exploit and which tools they use to compromise systems and remove any traces of their activity. This enables us to create threat models with the most realistic parameters.
  • Cyber Intelligence analysis provided by AADI’s Intelligence system informs us on new tools and methods of intrusion, fraud, and espionage.
  • AADI’s Computer forensics laboratory analysts provide us with information on the most advanced malware targeting our clients.
  • By regularly investigating the most recent and advanced incidents we are able to carefully estimate the removal and response speeds of your security service, developers and web administration.
  • AADI has experience auditing the most established banks and ambitious startups, energy giants and small law firms, which help us, understand weaknesses of any size and sector IT infrastructures.
  • Irrespective of your company’s size, we guarantee an individual approach, high quality expertise and absolute confidentiality.
  • Our experience in vulnerability analysis has taught us to pay attention to small details that can have a big impact.
  • We don’t believe in the “black box” methodology, giving preference to a deep analysis of your systems’ internal logic.
  • This methodology enables us to see risks overlooked by our competitors and offer sustainable solutions to minimize the risks.
  • We speak the language our client can easily understand: each report contains a short summary developed for the company’s top managers together with a detailed description of vulnerabilities and specific recommendations for your technical specialists.
  • We are not a systems integrator, that’s why our recommendations don’t come in the form of expensive hardware changes, but rather changing system settings, or refactoring sections of code.

Our Specialization
  • Vulnerability analysis of web resources (systems of internet banking and e-commerce, corporate and government portals)
  • Software and mobile platform audit (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Online banking and mobile application audits (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Audit of solutions designed to protect commercial confidentiality, personal data and other sensitive information
  • Detection of network infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Prevention of DoS/DDoS attacks, performing load testing
  • Detection of vulnerabilities in Automatic process control systems and SCADA systems
  • Vulnerability analysis for POS and mPOS terminals
  • Optimal performance audits for mobile operators’ signal networks

Brand Protection
We protect digital content including movies, music, software, mobile applications and computer games
Know your enemy
  • AADI’s antipiracy system monitors resources from torrent trackers and streaming services to groups in social networks and pirated platforms in the DarkNet.
  • We detect resource owners and establish direct contact which provides guaranteed delivery of our notifications to moderators.
Act promptly
  • Moderator accounts enable us to block illegal content in just one click.
  • AADI leverages its reputation among hosting providers and domain registrars all over the world as well as cooperate with Internet management organizations to promptly block dangerous resources in many jurisdictions.
Attack accurately
  • We use advanced digital fingerprinting technology, which enables digital copies to be compared by a set of parameters and any pirated content to be detected, even if significantly modified.
  • AADI also spares no expense by having our antipiracy team manually check all links to ensure no accidental blockage of legal content.
Archieve results
  • Web interface with illustrative statistics for each title Removed links and results of search engine queries.
  • Accurate blocking reports Highly experienced with evidence collection to initiate legal actions.
  • Professional legal support Successful legal experience blocking pirated websites.
Antifraud & Anticounterfeit
We monitor and rapidly respond to the misuse of your brand and identify and eliminate internet sales channels and sources of counterfeit goods
Monitoring and prevention of online brand abuse
AADI Brand Protection offers a range of online brand protection services based on AADI’s unique threat intelligence data and extensive experience in IT incident investigation and response.
AADI’s automated system designed to monitor Cyber-crime infrastructure and hacker interrelations enables us to be the first to learn about new websites, mobile apps, and announcements abusing your brand. We also monitor tools used for their distribution – email spamming, contextual advertising, SEO manipulations, and bot activity used to rank malicious or brand infringing resources higher in search engines.
Fraudulent websites and mobile applications that steal credentials and money from clients or distribute malware leveraging customer’s trust in your brand are blocked on a priority basis upon AADI request.
AADI not only can identify the infringing sites selling your products illegally, but also with our investigative background have the ability to identify the identity of individuals involved.
Once the criminal is included in the Intelligence database, he will never be able to continue his activity silently. The system will automatically inform us about all his attempts to misuse your brand on other resources at the stage of domain registration and or renting hosts.
We file infringement notices to the owners of fraudulent resources using their actual emails instead of sending them to fake addresse often used to register domains and accounts. When the criminals receive notifications to their personal e-mails, most of them prefer to comply with the demand from a company with a solid reputation in successful Cybercrime investigations.
AADI leverages its reputation among hosting providers and domain registrars all over the world and cooperates with Internet management organizations to promptly block dangerous resources in many jurisdictions.
Full support at every stage of the incident response
We thoroughly collect evidence of copyright and brand infringement and document all communications during pretrial actions to equip you with informative reports and excellent evidence collection to initiate legal actions.

The majority of violations are solved out of court. In those cases where it’s impossible, we will be glad to provide you with professional legal support at every stage of the trial.