AADI has been a leader in supplying evolving technologies to Government Bodies, Banks, Financial Institutions, E-Commerce Portals, Infrastructure Industries, Service Industries, Manufacturing Industries and many more. AADI is one of the most innovative companies in Cyber Space, dedicated to preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. The company has been active in the field of Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security thereby protecting the clients against financial losses, reputational risks & espionage. Its experience in Cyber Security domain with its products & services has been fused into an eco-system of highly sophisticated software and hardware solutions to monitor identify and prevent Cyber threats.

AADI also offers diversified solutions in the field of Signal Intelligence, Secured Communication and Electronic Warfare. Continually striving to ensure a secure environment backed by the company’s top-notch R&D team, AADI envisions protecting the nation against the rapidly growing cyber threats across the broad spectrum of verticals.