Cyber Security Solutions


High-tech crime investigations are the oldest area of our activity. We are proud to have played an active role in the successful initiation and completion of the first and since then continue to be involved in the largest investigative criminal cases, legal proceedings against perpetrators and organizers of DDoS attacks, and the exposure of global hacker groups.

Investigation Department
Any illegal action where a computer or digital media was used an instrument of crime can be investigated by our specialists. We identify the mechanisms, recreate the sequence of events, and collect digital evidence, all leading us to the perpetrators of the crime to help bring them to justice.
The main goal of our investigation is to bring the perpetrators to justice. If necessary, we will continue to be involved in the case until a sentence is carried out, by consulting with lawyers, investigation officers, or providing testimony in court.
From our criminal investigative experience, we have deep knowledge of criminal schemes ranging from recruiting insiders and developing malicious programs to withdrawing and cashing out money, which enables us to immobilize the attackers before the businesses suffer major damage.
Our clients can rely on our expert investigation as well as prompt assistance: CERT-AADI will help deal with the consequences of the incident while the Audit Department will protect your system from future attacks

Each investigation is conducted by a special project team of experts. The data collection, search and analysis are performed by our specialists in the following areas:

  • accounting and financial audit
  • economic security
  • e-discovery and forensics
  • compliance
  • corporate and civil law
Cyber Intelligence analysis provided by AADI’s Intelligence system, a network of honeypots HoneyNet, and innovative products developed by AADI enable us to see the complete picture of an incident, which is inaccessible to our competitors.

We investigate :
Targeted attacks
DDoS attacks
Unsanctioned access
Financial crimes
Asset and intellectual property misappropriation, products counterfeiting etc.
Corporate crimes
Espionage, raiding, commercial data breach and other abuse
Theft and fraud
Money theft, illegal use of brand and other crimes

Laboratory of Computer Forensics and Malicious Code Analysis
AADI along with its global partners has years of experience collecting and preserving digital evidence. We know what and how to search for on any data storage device, even if the data has been removed, hidden or encrypted.
We apply the most advanced equipment, software, and foreign cyber forensic products to identify and collect evidence.
We use a set of mobile forensic tools to carry out a scene inspection and perform investigation activities, which enables us to collect evidence without affecting data integrity (preserving the data carrier in the evidence base) and conduct express on-site investigation.
Our high-quality expertise has gained the confidence of corporate clients and international law enforcement agencies.
In addition to the information itself the forensic analyst needs to know the history of data creation, access and use. We have developed innovative solutions which enable us to recreate criminal events second-by-second and discover malicious files, which antivirus cannot detect.
Malicious programs are analyzed by our special virus analysis division, whose primary function is to detect and preserve trails which lead to developers and operators of the attack.
Synergy of AADI forensic specialists and virus analysts’ activity provides prompt, complete and, most importantly, high-quality investigation.

Our services
Digital Forensics
Collection of Digital Evidences
Malicious Programs Analysis
Outsourcing and Independent Expertise
Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies